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Benjamin Carson Plans for Retirement


The Washington Post recently featured Benjamin Carson’s many roles in an article titled “Benjamin Carson, balancing healing with political activism.” Amidst speculation that Carson would consider a run for the presidency,

Carson has eased away from suggestions he may have his eyes on the White House. The 61-year-old doctor now says the likelihood of a presidential run is “incredibly small.” What he really wants is a second career in television when he retires from Johns Hopkins later this year.


“Maybe if you write about it in your article, somebody will say, ‘Let’s do it,’ ” he said in an interview.


For now, his small office staff is struggling to manage the crush of attention from smitten conservatives and find time for his brain surgery patients between his sit-downs with the national media.

According to the article, Carson

would like to do a show that focuses on “educating the American populace about things that are essential to our freedom,” [Carson] said in his soft, steady voice. Or he would like to try a show that would bring together people who hold opposing views on critical issues that are dividing the nation. Carson would then help them seek a middle ground or resolution. 


“If the proper venue was presented, I would probably accept such a thing,” he said.

Read the complete article here.

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