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Back from the future of Adventism

By Alexander Carpenter
Wow. That was a great Adventist Forums conference! From the evocative Redbooks performance (soon out on DVD) and Kendra Haloviak’s sanctuary exploding homily, to Bull and Lockhart’s crisp and provocative essays — that was like a mash up of the best of university and camp meeting.
It was good to meet so many Spectrum Blog readers. I see all these lurker (non-commenting) IP addresses from places like Birmingham, Collegedale, Bend, Salt Lake City, Spokane, Riverside — the UK and Australia. Now I know who you are. . . .  We had a nice little blogger contingent there thanks to some generous Forum members. Saw intersections (pastor Ryan Bell), Adventist Gender Justice (Trisha Famisaran), the Spectrum Blog 2.0’s Daneen Akers and ProgressiveAdventism (Julius Nam).
Thanks to those who attended my Sabbath afternoon session on The Art of Expression. After seeing Redbooks and the Saturday night Adventist-made film screening — it looks like we’re moving onward and upward with the visual arts. If you attended, feel free to drop a comment about lingering thoughts from the weekend.

Your humble correspondent with Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church pastor Ryan Bell.

Saturday night banquet before listening to Rick Rice perform his now legendary Saturday night stand-up comedy routine.

Loma Linda analogues in the middle of Spectrum dialogues.  These were the centerpieces on each table.

OMG! SHOCK! HORROR! Southern Adventist University history prof. (Lisa Clark Diller) talks to Roy Branson.

Loma Linda university profs. Julius Nam and Johnny Ramirez-Johnson.

Your proud correspondent with Spectrum editor Bonnie Dwyer.

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