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Off to Asilomar – Happy 40th, Spectrum!

This morning I am heading down to this weekend’s Adventist Forum and Association of Adventist Women conference taking place at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, on California’s Monterrey Peninsula.

We’ll be celebrating forty years of the Adventist Forum and its journal, Spectrum!

The Association of Adventist Women will be honoring two great Adventists:

Pioneering Women’s Advocate: Audray Moorhouse Johnson

Olympic Gold Medalist: Mary Whipple

The web team will be posting dispatches from the proceedings – there will be a play entitled “This Adventist Life” on Friday night. On Sabbath, we’ll have a liturgy by Charles Teel, mission reports from the emerging generation of Adventist Forum folks and then a sermon by Charles Scriven entitled, Teach Less Better: When Does the Message in the Way of Our Mission?”

On Sabbath afternoon we’ll be recording Adventist stories from everyone and then in the evening we have a banquet to honor Adventist women. Finally on Sunday we’ll screen a short documentary on Spectrum and then we’ll have a big birthday party to celebrate its birthday.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you, dear readers, there!

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