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Art: Summer 2006 Cover, “Redesigning Genesis” (Sneak Peek!)

By Sharon

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover
of the brand new issue of Spectrum,
which will begin landing in subscribers’ mailboxes at the end of next week.
The cover artwork by artist Cliff Rusch is a visual
interpretation of a postmodern translation of Genesis. This work is part of a
book-length art project called “Redesigning Genesis.”
Rusch created this project around writer/musician Mike
’s translation of Genesis. In
“Redesigning Genesis,” Rusch’s intention was “to parallel the new-ness of this
translation by approaching design and visual form in non-traditional ways that
breathe new life into the original meaning of the text.” Cliff Rusch is a professor of art and the art director of public relations at Pacific Union

artwork from “Redesigning Genesis” is presented in the brand new issue of
Spectrum, along with an array of fresh, thought-provoking articles. How do you like seeing an ancient text presented as modern art? Do you find it invigorating, unsettling, or challenging in some way? After you’ve had a chance to look at artwork in the new issue, let us know what you think.
And if for some
reason you aren’t already receiving the magazine, consider giving yourself a

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