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Art: The Paradoxical Truth

By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson
In our minds, we often place the life of imagination and the life of faith on opposite ends of the spectrum, but in reality the artist and the believer are partakers of the same beautiful paradox. Contemplate this:
“The paradox lies in this: we can experience presence–one might just as easily say grace–when art approximates the leap of faith, when it dares to place us directly inside an act of discovery. The risk of imagination, like the risk of faith, instills fear in those who believe we can only be saved by rational propositions. But the paradoxical truth is that unless we learn how to lives in that risk-taking leap of faith, we will lose touch with the meaning of those propositions.”
-From Gregory Wolfe‘s essay, “Bearing the Image,” Intruding Upon the Timeless (Baltimore, MD: Square Halo Books, 2003)

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