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Archive footage: Dawkins examines Haggard’s prelapsarian world

This is a nine minute clip from scientist Richard Dawkins‘ 2005 Root of All Evil  tour of the American religious landscape. He stopped by the New Life mega church which was headed at that time by pastor Ted Haggard who is the former president of the National Association of Evangelicals.
Both Dawkins and Haggard debate the meaning of science, scripture and
the state of pastoral leadership in conservative Christendom.
While I often disagree with Dawkin’s conclusions, his defense of empiricism clashes with Haggard’s defense of a literal six-day creation. Relevant for Adventists? Here’s Norman Gulley trying a footnote defense out in JATS.
Interesting title and logic: 
“Danger of Empirical Evidence. Logical positivism was wrong to dismiss theological language because it did not meet its empirical evaluation. It overlooked the fact that there is a danger of empirical evidence in the religious realm. Theological language can be used by counterfeit prophets. In His Olivet talk, Christ repeatedly warned against false prophets (Matt 24:11, 24) and false christs (Matt 24:5, 24), even though they are empirically present. Such false claims can only be tested if Scripture is divine propositional revelation [string of nine texts]. For sources and a fuller presentation, see Norman R. Gulley, Systematic Theology: Prolegomena, vol 1, chapter 2, 53,76.”

Wait, actually the crux of the conversationalist critique of logical positivism merely points out that evidence exists within interpretative communities. Actually, it appears that sometimes false prophets can be tested by their fruits or their meth (odological) use. 
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