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Andrews University Faculty Senate Issues Statement on Race and Justice


Spectrum received the following statement from the Andrews University Faculty Senate:

The members of the Faculty Senate have watched with great sadness and concern the events of the last few weeks of ongoing incidents of racial distrust and conflict in a number of America’s major cities. In Ferguson, Cleveland, and New York, events have unfolded that, whatever one’s race, color, or ideology, can only be seen as tragic. The loss of life is always the sad result of our fallen, sin-sick world. Such losses are made even harder to deal with, however, when the circumstances surrounding them seem senseless and unjust, especially for those who have historically experienced mistreatment at the hands of those in positions of authority. We have far to go as a society in achieving a system of justice that is viewed as fair and impartial by all groups of people.

We today affirm our commitment as leaders and representatives of the faculty of Andrews University to work for justice, peace, and reconciliation in our society, as well as in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends impacted by the conflicts and losses in these events. We call on our colleagues and community members to join with us in prayer and action to seek the scriptural goal of having “justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” (Amos) 5:24 (NASS). As disciples of Jesus, who are instructed to daily seek the kingdom of God, we are committed to implementing His principles today. We look forward to this aspiration being fully realized in the earth made new.

On Saturday, December 6, several hundred Andrews University students participated in a peaceful demonstration against police violence and racial injustice on the AU campus and through the streets of Berrien Springs, Michigan. 

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