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Adventist Women’s Congress in Côte d’Ivoire: A Photo Essay


Over 200 men and women met in Bouaké, in the central part of Côte d’Ivoire, from August 11 to 18 for the country’s 4th Women’s Ministries Congress. It was the first such congress to be held after 12 years of political crisis in the country.

Banner of the 4th Women’s Ministries Congress. The congress had been halted since 2000, when the country started experiencing a political crisis, which finally ended in a full-blown war. The theme of the congress was “Women for Christ, living by His Word.”

The youth were on hand to add color to the opening ceremony.

L-R : Prince-Judith, who came from Togo, Adolphine Zian, Cote d’Ivoire National Director and  Clairine Agabus, Sahel Union Mission Director.

At registration, each participant not only received a badge, they also got a handbag that matched the color of their uniforms: pink, purple or blue.

Participants formed two lines, 200 meters long, and paraded through major parts of the city of Bouaké.

The female lead of the country’s most important non-governmental organization applauds the efforts and activities of Adventist women in Bouaké.

The Representative of the Mayor of the City of Bouaké, reading a welcome message on behalf of the people of the city.

She turned out in a regal attire!

Mama Lea is one of the most active Women’s Ministry members. Despite her age, she made the grueling five-hour journey to be in Bouaké.

Mr Kouadio and his son did not want to miss the occasion.  They showed up in the right clothes as well.

Mr and Mrs Akobey. The man took his first vacation, after over five years of work, to come to Bouaké with his wife.

The participants invited the national Blood Bank. In this photo, the mobile blood collection team arrives very early Friday morning.


I was one of the 70 participants who donated blood.

Happy moments: L-R: Pastor Thio Thigué, the Conference Secretary, Pastor Nda Guina, Bouaké District Leader and the veteran Pastor Michel Kra, now retired.

The women received a book on prayer and Bible study. Each participant received a copy, because of a kind donation by Pastor Opoku Boateng.

L-R : Adolphine Zian, National Director, with her husband and son, in the company of West-Central Africa Division officials: Pastor Jallah Kabah of Family Life, Dr André Ndaa of Health and Pastor Opoku Boateng of Personal Ministries.

Nnenna Nwakanma is an activist, community organizer, development adviser and consultant originally from Nigeria. She is the co-founder of The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, which she also co-chairs. She is based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

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