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The Adventist Review reports on the QoD conference

Although most of the history of QoD and conference analysis has been covered by Rick Rice and many of you good readers and commenters, it’s interesting to see the Adventist Review‘s take:

Questions about what the Seventh-day Adventist Church believed — and believes — about the human nature of Jesus Christ when the Son of God walked the earth were discussed in cordial, but convicted, tones during a three-day seminar marking the 50th anniversary of a book which purported to mark out an “Adventist position” on the matter.

That book, “Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on Doctrine,” made its appearance in the fall of 1957. Its publication was hailed by some critics of Adventism —a movement which had passed the one-million adherent mark just two years earlier — as a document which helped lift the stigma of being labeled a “cult” by evangelical Protestant Christians.

Props to Lisa for getting quoted. As you’ll see, the article ends with David Larson’s zinger, which probably should inform all theological controversies.

Read it here.

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