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Adventist Representative Bows to the Rev. Moon

By Alexander Carpenter
Here’s a little moral dilemma for your Sabbath pondering.
Say you’re an Adventist and the Congressional Representative from the 6th district of Maryland.
Several of your fellow Republicans invite you to help them crown the Rev. Sun Myung Moon the King of Peace. Oh, besides running the Unification church, Moon’s also a billionaire and funding a big push to have churches take out the cross and replace it with a crown.
Do you go along or not?
If you’re an Adventist and your name is Roscoe Bartlett, apparently you say :”yes, how low can I genuflect?”
Watch the Moonie propaganda video. Roscoe Bartlett is announced about 7:20 into the clip.
A political watch group says that the Bartlett camp changed their story about the event.
The non-partisan congressional paper The Hill reported that the event was for Moon to declare himself humanity’s “savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.”
Not to sound all traditionalist here at the Spectrum Blog, but aren’t Adventists supposed to steer clear of false messiahs –  not hand them their robes?
What’s going on here?

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