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Adventist Political Hopeful Speaks to Neo-Nazi Group

Words. Almost. Fail. Watch the video first.

Tony Zirkle is a South Bend, Indiana, lawyer and Republican primary candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 2. On Sunday, he spoke to a Chicago group celebrating the birthday of Hitler.

Yes, I’m sure that he was only evangelizing there, particularly in light of his favorable links to Anglo-Israel.

From his campaign website bio:

  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • Georgetown University, B.S.F.S. International Economics
  • Andrews University, B.A. Religion & Economics
  • Indiana University Bloomington School of Law. J.D. Juris Doctorate.
  • Andrews University Theological Seminary, M.Div. Masters in Divinity Candidate (2 tests remain to completion)

Apparently he delivered the Andrews University Seminary Chapel Sermon in June 2000.

He has three law offices and was a county prosecutor in Northern Indiana.

This is so bizarre that it’s almost funny (particularly those man-boys dressed in their little Hitler uniforms acting like concerned Christian citizens). But our man is not insane, in fact, his website repeats many of the tropes of traditionalist fears over “activist” judges, Islam, African-Americans, and all things sexual.

I’m not sure what the lesson is here (of course plenty of non-racists are GOP-politician-lawyer-SDAs), but after reading through his fear-full website, I won’t be able to hear that common “best book” refrain about The Desire of Ages without grimacing for awhile.

Titles rejected:

The White Supremacy of Literature

Heil, the end of your political career

Messages to Hung People

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