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Adventist Poetry Redux: The Winners Are…

Well it’s no secret that Spectrum is a (THE) place for the convergence of Adventism, culture, conversation and the arts. So when I made a call for Adventist poetry, the dozens of original, inspired and inspiring entries that poured in were nothing short of Adventism’s finest.
Here are some selected favorites from among the many outstanding poems we received.
First, in recognition of the many wonderful, insightful and creative submissions by Carol June Hooker, we honor Carol with the title of Spectrum Poet Laureate! Carol’s entries never failed to impress. Second, KM deserves recognition for some terrific haiku. KM, the Master of Haiku award goes to you. Tom Zwemer also deserves recognition for a clever and witty series of “blank verse” poems that together form a lyrical train.
Now the selections:
Here are the Top Three Limericks:
The pains that some people will take
to make gluten and soy taste like steak.
When I’d rather have “et”
a feast made by Babette
Gimme something that’s real; keep the fake.

By: Andrew Kettle
“Takoma Park, Maryland”
“Get out of the cities,” White wrote.
Some make policy, based on that quote.
The world Jesus pities
Lives mainly in cities:
Amidst, CUC’s gospel note.

By: Carol June Hooker
“If Jesus Had Been Adventist”
While Mary and Martha were keeping
A vigil of mourning and weeping
“Don’t dismay,” Jesus said
For the man is not dead
Your brother is only soul-sleeping

By: Songster Jonesy
Strong Runner Up:
“South Lancaster, Massachusetts”
As the Nashua River gets cleaner,
AUC’s slim enrollment grows leaner.
Harvard, Dartmouth, Brown, Yale,
And state colleges fail
To scare Adventists, grown up and greener.

By: Carol June Hooker
Top Three Haiku Entries:
Berrien Springs date:
Seminarian, coed
Trudge grey snow alone.

By: RT
“AD 31”
Thunder shakes the cross
While strong Hands rip the Temple’s
Shadow-forms and curtains.

By: KM
“Beatific Vision”
Ellen Gould Harmon
Saw Jesus in her visions.
Isn’t that enough?

-Carol June Hooker
Strong Runner Up:
“Adventist Education”
Their eyes are cast down;
We worship in the chapel.
How short is your skirt?

-Patti Tompkins
If you’d like to review all the entries and pick your own favorites, you can view them here

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