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Adventist News: Protesting violence edition

  • A $2 million gift from a single donor goes for global mission
  • Australian dieticians give the thumbs up to Sanitarium’s on-the-go breakfast products
  • President’s first visit to Fiji deals with health and education issues
  • Celebrations are under way for the 100th anniversary of Adventists arriving in PNG
  • Women delegates encouraged to be bold and to try and change things for the better.

A lot of major stories on the UK Adventists who organized a march against street violence.

The BBC writes:

At least 2,000 people, including many teenagers, have joined an anti-gun and knife crime march through London.

The demonstrators began their walk from Trafalgar Square on Saturday afternoon which culminated in a rally at Kennington Park, south London.

The march, which urged youths to keep off weapons, comes following the deaths of 16 teenagers in London this year.

Relatives of youths killed in London also joined the rally. They described the spate of crimes as an “epidemic”.

‘Love and forgive’

The group cheered, whistled, waved banners and sang to the beats of a marching band as they walked.

Many demonstrators carried banners with ‘Spread love not bullets’ and ‘Say no to guns, knives, drugs’ written on them.

Organiser Colin Stewart from Seventh-day Adventist Church said the walk hoped to “find out where people are hurting, and to offer an alternative”.

A blogger covers it:

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has a great following in black communities where the problem is most severe, and on Saturday I photographed a march that was organised by their youth movements. The most visible part of these were the Pathfinders in their military-style uniforms, but there were many others.

ITV covers it as well.

A Victorville Church is going green and saving about $500 in energy costs a month.

Jamaican Adventists get noticed for feeding the indigent.

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