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Adventist News: Pathfinder stabbing edition

Man stabbed at Pathfinder Camporee. (h/t Jared Wright)

Sgt. Steve Brewer of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department said two males were having a physical confrontation with each other when one male pulled a knife and cut the other party. He said officers responded about midnight to the call.

The 38-year-old victim was taken to Mercy Medical Center where he was treated and released. No names are being released due to an ongoing investigation, Brewer said.

Lt. Lara Vendola of the Sheriff’s Department said the victim was stabbed in the neck and on one of his hands.

The suspect, 36, is expected to be charged Monday, Vendola said.

They seem a little old to be doing this sort of stuff. No?

Speaking of finding new paths, the folks at Burning Man love them some Adventists.

New solar panels on the roof of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Reno and the adjoining Silver State Adventist School on West Fourth Street were dedicated Thursday by members of the congregation and energy officials.

The largest solar array ever installed on a Nevada church was donated by NV Energy and Black Rock Solar, a spinoff of the Burning Man project.

European section:

New building happening at Adventist schools in the Netherlands.

Follow the Bible will arrive in Denmark.

Blogger section:

A DC-based design blogger likes the mid-century modernist lines of the Sligo Elementary School.

A blogger reviews Shane Anderson’s book, How to Kill Adventist Education.

Health care news:

In the Atlantic article, “How American Health Care Killed My Father,” Loma Linda University makes an appearance.

Take the ongoing battle between large integrated hospitals and specialty clinics (for cardiac surgery, orthopedics, maternity, etc.). The economic threat posed by these facilities is well illustrated by a recent battle in Loma Linda, California. When a group of doctors proposed a 28-bed private specialty facility, the local hospitals protested to the city council that it was unnecessary, and launched a publicity campaign to try to block it; the council backed the facility anyway. So the nonprofit Loma Linda University Medical Center simply bought the new facility for $80 million in 2008. Traditional hospitals got Congress to include an 18-month moratorium on new specialty hospitals in the 2003 Medicare law, and a second six-month ban in 2005.

One of the richest men in the world is under care at the Adventist hospital in Hong Kong.


Looking for work in Somalia? ADRA is hiring.

And an Adventist becomes the chaplain at the formerly named School of the Americas.

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