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Adventist News: Food edition

Ah, ’tis the season for food.

At a Seventh-day Adventist church in Florida, a “Shoving Match Ensues After Church Runs Out Of Turkeys.” Folks ran out of food in Washington DC as well.

The Rev. Mark McCleary, pastor of the First Church of Seventh-day Adventists in Northwest, operated the church’s lunchtime soup kitchen this week in addition to giving out turkeys. He said that many of the people who eat there four times a week have jobs but are short on funds.

‘Many of these folks here have chronic cash-flow problems, and with the economic condition, we have had an increase,’ McCleary said. ‘It is a sacrifice for the church, but what are you going to say?’

More on the food front, here’s a story about the need this year.

Breaking with tradition, The Oregon Adventist Pastor has asked his congregation to buy him a goat this year.

And Adventist Homemaker offers a recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal.

Beyond food. . .

ANN reports on the young delegate program in the Inter-America Division.

An Adventist lawyer, who was a former pastor and who has been active in local politics around San Diego, is throwing his hat into the ring for City Council. Here’s a pic and bio.

Hadley’s unusual background is also an asset. As he recounts below, he grew up in a family of Seventh Day Adventist church leaders and spent years in the ministry before going to law school and then seeking out a career in politics. Though his background is from a culturally and socially conservative faith tradition, he doesn’t seem to have had to do much soul searching to come out in favor of equality for women and Queers. In an era in which much of the opposition to Queer rights — including the decisive margins in almost all our marriage equality defeats at the ballot box — is based on religious traditions in general and Christianity in particular, we need more officeholders like Steve Hadley who can speak the message of equality in the language of faith. Zenger’s is proud to present Steve Hadley and endorse him for the District 6 seat on the San Diego City Council.

Spectrum’s own Jared Wright talks about Progressive Adventism on Matthew Burdette’s Constructing Adventist Theology site.

Here’s news of a thirteen couple wedding held at a Seventh-day Adventist church in Zimbabwe.

And the church in the Virgin Islands installed a new pastor at two churches.

Finally, and tragically, a student missionary from Southern Adventist University was found dead on the island of Yap. Here is ANN’s report.

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