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Adventist Mission Asks: What If We Quit Giving to Missions?

Look everyone, the General Conference likes a lil’ dramatic irony.

Adventist Mission created this for Annual Council. They write, “Is it true or isn’t it? “The Rumor” is a digital short presented by the Office of Adventist Mission during its report to the Annual Council of the Executive Committee of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The video, which opens with the lines, “This is a false report about a false rumor,” takes a “what if” look at the church as it faces declining mission offerings. Warning: This video was designed to shock and generate discussion.

Bert Haloviak wins the Oscar/Ellen award for best performance. Having the church record keeper ripping Yearbooks? Brilliant. And that dejected walk is comedy gold.

Cliff Goldstein gets the documentary Oscar/Ellen award for playing himself so well.

Artistic vision award goes to Garrett Caldwell. Solid gold angels. Yes!

And in the meeting with Adventist Mission director Gary Krause the “little old lady” who puts her hand on her mouth (good catch filmmakers) gets the “special affect” Oscar/Ellen award.

h/t Bryan Collick

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