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An Adventist Message Makes the News

The Adventists Against Prop. 8 movement continues with almost 700 signers to the petition and with more than 550 members of the Facebook group.

Now, our concern over the religious liberty implications made it into the San Francisco Chronicle. In a story about how religious groups have been driving Prop. 8 the paper notes that there are also some members of conservative denominations that oppose Prop. 8 for their own religious reasons. They quote historian Julius Nam, one of the founders of Adventists Against Prop. 8.

Some Prop. 8 opponents belong to conservative denominations. They fear religious coalitions could be a threat to minority religions.

“Imposition of religious doctrine was against the founding principles of this nation,” said Julius Nam, a professor of religious studies at the Seventh-day Adventist-run Loma Linda University.

I’m proud that my Bay Area friends will see this traditional concern-for-the-least-of-these Adventist witness.

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