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Adventist Headlines: PUC Grads Among Most Indebted


This week in our roundup of news headlines:

Pacific Union College grads rank among top 20 most indebted. Time Money released its latest ranking of 20 Private Colleges With the Highest Student Loan Debt. PUC earned the dubious distinction of 17th-most debt-laden. PUC grads average $42,153 in debt, according to the report. The report hastened to add limitations of the rankings:

Not only does it exclude schools that didn’t report student debt to college guide Peterson’s, the source of the data used in the report, it also doesn’t include parent loans, debt of students who don’t graduate, debt of transfer students incurred at other institutions, and debt of graduate or professional school students. The reasons for high debt levels among certain schools’ graduates vary and can be difficult to pinpoint.

From Time Money, “20 Private Colleges With the Highest Student Loan Debt“.

Jill Biden tours ADRA facility. In late November, officials of the ADRA Center in Kiev, Ukraine hosted Dr. Jill Biden who was traveling in the area with her husband, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. She met a family who had been displaced by the conflict in the region. ADRA’s work in Ukraine has focused on medical help for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. When she spoke to the gathered representatives, Jill Biden said that the United States will contribute $3,000,000 to aid in the Ukraine crisis.  From ADRA International, “Dr. Jill Biden visits IDPs at Ukraine ADRA Center“.

Family survives Michigan plane crash. A single-engine Piper Comanche, carrying an Adventist family, crashed in Berrien Springs and injured its pilot and three passengers last Friday:  William Fisher, his wife  Barbara Fisher, son Bryce Fisher, and Miritha Morales. The airplane came to rest five to six feet away from the home of Garland and Ruth Dilley, causing no damage to the occupants or to the house. From Fox 17 Online, “4 hurt when plane crashes in Berrien County“.

Forest Lake Academy forfeits national championship game, still gets championship trophy. Victory Christian Academy girls’ volleyball team gave its championship trophy to Forest Lake Academy’s team in honor the FLA decision to forfeit the National Association of Christian Athletes volleyball championship game which would have been played on Sabbath.  FLA’s team returned to campus with the winning trophy while VCA took home the championship banner.  NACA has named both schools co-champions. From NWI Times, “Victory Christian volleyball team re-defines champion“.


Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian.  She lives in Redlands, CA.

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