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Adventist Church Launches YouTube Series

Adventist News Network reports:

A new issues-driven video series broadcast on YouTube is part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s continued efforts to broaden the scope of its online outreach, church communicators said.

Scheduled to launch today, Adventists About Life is designed to stimulate conversation and offer a distinctly Adventist take on issues such as freedom, faith versus science, the environment and integrity.

“These videos have the potential to reach an audience that is typically ‘tuned out’ to the church’s more traditional methods of ministry,” said Rajmund Dabrowski, world church Communication director and executive producer of the series.

I like how Seventh-day Adventists General Conference President Jan Paulsen frames “freedom” in the context of being an Adventist. Impressively edgy and waaaaaay more relevant than what 3ABN produces, I still would like to hear a little more about how Paulsen chooses to protect this vital human freedom in both ecclesiological and political contexts. Or perhaps this brief video can serve as a jumping off point for the rest of the church to do that.

Do you agree that “freedom” is God’s greatest gift to humanity?

How does fear limit freedom? (Civil libertarians have certainly been fighting the battle here, particularly since 9/11.)

Do Adventists have something important to say to the rest of the world, about freedom?

See the Adventists About Life site here.

(Gotta love the juxtaposition of the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” sign in the background. Of course, it is a display regarding the Supreme Court case.)

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