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Adventist Action Against Torture

You may or may not know that I represent the Adventist Peace Fellowship on the National Religious Committee Against Torture (NRCAT). They have a couple of things that I hope you are willing to do in your church:

1. A powerful 6 minute video is available on the NRCAT website of several speakers from a conference in Atlanta recently that was co-sponsored by Evangelicals for Human Rights and NRCAT. These speakers from various faith traditions describe why their faith led them to oppose torture. It can be used as a discussion-starter or simply to educate your congregation.

2. NRCAT is still looking for believers willing to sign a petition called “Declaration of Principles for a Presidential Executive Order Banning Torture,” especially before the Inauguration. You can help this effort by putting a “web sticker” or banner on your organization’s web site that will encourage visitors on your site to endorse the Declaration. There are two versions of these. More information is below. NRCAT is asking only that you keep this on your web site until January 21.

The codes that your web master will need are below each of the web stickers. If you have any difficulty using the web sticker, please call NRCAT at 202-547-1920.

Click to get this wiget.

Help Obama End Torture

Please go to this website, to tell NRCAT that you have put a web sticker on your web site.

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