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28 Fundamental Beliefs: If Loughborough Were Resurrected…


The Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace California is hosting a three-month series on Adventist history entitled “The Advent Movement: Progress or Regress?” In the presentation below from February 22, Dr. John Brunt, senior pastor of the Azure Hills Church examines the story of how Adventists came to hold 28 Fundamental Beliefs, and asks whether formulating the Fundamentals constitutes progress or regress when compared with the attitudes and beliefs of Adventism’s founding members. Brunt also considers current moves to revise the Fundamental Beliefs and how this could impact the Adventist Church. Could the founding pioneers be members in good standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church today? Why is the preamble to the Fundamental beliefs, voted in the 1980 General Conference Session, omitted from the Adventist Church website? Brunt addresses these questions and more.

Q & A begins at 44:30 in the video below, during which Brunt responds to questions from audience members.

(See other videos from the lecture series here.)

The remaining topics in this series:

March 8: Ellen G. White and Science in the 19th Century—Warren Johns

March 22: Women in Ministry —Bert Haloviak and Kendra Haloviak Valentine

April 5: Military Service—Ron Osborn

More information on the series is available here.

28 Fundamental Beliefs: Prescriptive Creed or Descriptive Statement?

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