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On this episode of the Adventist Voices podcast, I interview Tom Stone about his new book, In the Shadow of the Pyramids: A Reflective Commentary on the Narrative of Deuteronomy, published by WestBow Press. Tom earned a BA in Theology from Newbold College and a PGCE in Religious Education from the University of Oxford. He is an ordained elder at the Newbold Church.

We discuss how Tom, a young religious education teacher, decided to pursue this writing project, how it grew out of his own devotional practice, why he argues that Deuteronomy is a story of liberation with themes of social justice, and how God wants us to change our society so that we prioritize the marginalized and oppressed.

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On this episode of the podcast, an interview with Tom Stone, author of In the Shadow of the Pyramids: A Reflective Commentary on the Narrative of Deuteronomy.

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