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Nurse Sings About Death & Love


Tad Worku is a songwriter, singer, speaker, and healthcare provider. With a voice that is both strong and soulful, Worku has forged a unique sound in the music industry. His original works defy genre categorization, somehow able to incorporate elements of many different musical styles.

His songs intentionally incorporate Christian themes, exploring his personal journey to find meaning and purpose both in his musical career and his service to the community. Despite the spiritual messages in his songs, Worku hopes that all fans will find healing through his music, regardless of their religious beliefs.

He left behind a career in pop music to live out his values and give back to his community as a nurse, but now he is working to bring both paths together and help people find healing through the power of music.

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Alexander Carpenter is a board member of Adventist Forum, the organization that publishes Spectrum.

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On this week’s podcast episode, host Alexander Carpenter chats with Tad Worku, who is a songwriter, singer, speaker, and healthcare provider. Worku discusses his spiritual and career journeys, and how he is helping people find healing through the power of music.

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