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This week on the podcast, I talk again with legendary Adventist editor, pastor, college administrator, author, and longtime Spectrum leader Charles Scriven. We explore the final essay from his series “Time to Start Over,” this time on hermeneutics and community. In addition, we weave in conversations about his time as president of Kettering College and his longtime leadership of the Adventist Forum and Spectrum. He shares his vision for koinonia, a Christocentric interpretive framework, and why fundamentalism corrupts Christianity.

“The community is under threat because in the long run fundamentalism is a dead end, a complete dead end,” Scriven explains. “The most important consideration, if we wish to reverse the impact of the fundamentalism to which the church turned in 1919 …  it is to rethink what it means to be a Christian community.” 

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Charles Scriven talks about hermeneutics, community, and recovering from fundamentalism. 

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