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David Jamieson on Community Engagement


This week on the Adventist Voices podcast, I talk with David Jamieson, the new president of the Upper Columbia Conference, about how his vision for community engagement drives his ministry.

Previously, Jamieson spent 20 years as pastor of Church in the Valley, an Adventist congregation in British Columbia, Canada. He talks about how instead of focusing on traditional evangelistic campaigns, Church in the Valley put its community services organization Acts of Kindness at the forefront, “serving others with no strings attached and with extreme generosity.”

This conversation is the first in a new series on community engagement. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be talking with leaders across North America who have not just talked about community engagement in theory but have put it into practice.  

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Alexander Carpenter is executive editor of Spectrum

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The new president of the Upper Columbia Conference talks about how community engagement drives his ministry.

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