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Catholicism and Dr. Kellogg with Austin Loignon


In this episode of Adventist Voices, Austin Loignon, PhD, talks about his dissertation research into the European influences on John Harvey Kellogg’s views of health and spirituality. Loignon argues that Kellogg was influenced by the Catholic late scholasticism revival of Thomas Aquinas’s theology.

A graduate of Southwestern Adventist University, Loignon is an adjunct professor of history at the University of Texas at Arlington.

“Kellogg is always looked at as an American character in an American story of American ideas. What I attempted to do was say, let’s remove him from the American context and put him as a transnational, . . . transatlantic figure, a figure that is as much European as he is American.”

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Alexander Carpenter is executive editor of Spectrum.

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Historian Austin Loignon talks about his research into John Harvey Kellogg’s European influences.

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