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Adventist Voices: Researchers Discuss Ex-Adventist Survey


In this episode, guest host Jeremy Gray talks with the team conducting research on ex-Adventists. Tom Arcaro, a professor of sociology, is the lead investigator for the project. Duane McClearn, a professor of psychology, is also part of the research team, along with Jeff Wright, who was born and raised in the Adventist system. They explore the process and preliminary results of the survey, which launched in March and will remain open until June.

Connected to North Carolina-based Elon University, the sociologists and psychologists share their findings on the experience of leaving, as well as the perspective of those who no longer believe but remain connected to Adventism for other reasons.

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Read more about the ex-Adventist survey on the project’s blog and the see the full range of questions on the survey website.


Alexander Carpenter is the executive editor of Spectrum.

Image credit: Pixabay / Spectrum.

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Guest host Jeremy Gray talks with the team from Elon University conducting research on ex-Adventists. They explore the process and preliminary results of the survey, which looks at why people leave the Adventist Church.


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