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Adriana Perera: Advent Music


On this episode of the Adventist Voices podcast, I talk about music and the Advent season with someone perfect for the topic. Adriana Perera is a pianist, composer, and director of worship and the musical arts at the Loma Linda University Church. Before moving to Loma Linda, Perera studied music in Argentina, Spain, and the United States, then taught at Oakwood University and chaired the Department of Music at Andrews University.

We discuss what makes Christmas music meaningful, and Perera shares her passion for diversity and inclusion. She says:

Christmas music is amazing—it is my favorite. You can do so many things with those beautiful melodies and those beautiful harmonies. You can treat all hymns as new. You can incorporate new music and make it more symphonic. That's our case here at the Loma Linda University Church because we have a big orchestra. It's so great to be able to work with that very beautiful music that we have.

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Alexander Carpenter is executive editor elect of Spectrum.

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On this episode of the Adventist Voices podcast, Adriana Perera talks about music and the Advent season.

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