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Young Adventist Voices: Election Day in the USA


In an experimental series for Spectrum Media, Alexander Carpenter has produced a series of videos titled Young Adventists Speak.

The series highlights the voices of Adventist students, scholars, musicians and others highlighting the intersections of faith, history and politics.

 In conjunction with the opening of the Desmond Doss biopic Hacksaw Ridge, the series began with Ronald Osborn's overview of the shifting history of Adventists and war. 

The second in the series featured the first of two student-created reports from college campuses. Spencer Sherwin and Gabrielle Piry and assistant professor of communications Jerry Hartman recorded nine Walla Walla University students sharing their brief views on the U. S. presidential election, their voting choices, and what issues matter to them.

The third installment featured Pacific Union College students discussing the U. S. election, who they are voting for, and what issues matter to them. The segment was directed and edited by Ben Josse with the assistance of faculty members Rajeev Sigamoney and Tim de la Torre.

In Part Four, Geoffrey Nelson-Blake​ and Sterling Spence​ performed three reflections on contemporary culture and politics. The three readings—"American Holy Days," "Housing Rest," "Boycott Church"—are intercut with three songs—"Coal Heart Bound," "All the Winners," "And it Goes."


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