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Will Women’s Ordination Split the Church?


On Sabbath, October 14, a panel discussion was presented at Loma Linda University Church, entitled, “Will Women's Ordination Split the Church?”

The panel followed the conclusion of the 2017 Annual Council of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Silver Spring, Maryland, October 5–11.

Sponsored by Loma Linda University’s School of Religion Humanities Program and the Association of Adventist Women, the panel was moderated by Jim Walters, professor in the School of Religion, and included the following panelists:

Pastor Randy Roberts, senior pastor, Loma Linda University Church
President Sandra Roberts, Southeastern California Conference
Ray Tetz, director for communication and community engagement, Pacific Union Conference
Jon Paulien, dean of the School of Religion, Loma Linda University

During his opening remarks, Walters told the audience that the organizers of the panel “sought to have representation from the local church to the General Conference;” however, after asking “half a dozen” GC officials, they were unable to find one who was willing to participate. In order to keep balance, Dean Paulien reported on “what he sees [the GC’s] view being.”

Each panelist was given six minutes for opening remarks, and then Walters engaged the group in further discussion, which was followed by a Q&A period with the audience.

WATCH: Loma Linda University Panel Discussion “Will Women’s Ordination Split the Church?”


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