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Vote for the 2016 Adventist Person of the Year


We are pleased to announce the inaugural "Adventist Person of the Year" award presented by Spectrum Magazine to a Seventh-day Adventist who contributed to the denomination or to society at large in an outsanding way. Below are ten nominees for the award selected by Spectrum editorial staff. Help decide the winner by voting in the reader poll via the link below. The winner will be announced on the Spectrum Website by year end, so be sure to check back for results!



Nominees for the 2016 Spectrum Magazine Adventist of the Year:

NIELS-ERIK ANDREASEN || longest-serving president of Andrews University (retired June 2016)

C. D. BROOKS || GC field secretary, speaker-director of Breath of Life Ministries (passed away June 2016)

SHESELL BUSBY || first woman pastor to serve in Panamanian Union Conference (appointed in 2016)

BEN CARSON || first Adventist nominated for cabinet-level position in U. S. Government

LOWELL COOPER || former GC vice president and retiring board chair of Loma Linda University

DESMOND DOSS || WWII noncombatant portrayed in the 2016 blockbuster "Hacksaw Ridge" 

RICARDO GRAHAM || president of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (re-elected in 2016)

DANIEL JACKSON || president of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (significant 2016 moments)

ANDREA LUXTON || first woman to be appointed president of Andrews University (inaugurated October 2016)

SANDRA ROBERTS || president of Southeastern California Conference and 2016 Weniger Society honoree




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