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Thank You for Supporting Independent Adventist Journalism


Dear Readers,

Thank you so much. Our trip to Silver Spring for Annual Council is over, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your comments on our stories. Thank you for your prayers and messages of support. Thank you for being members of Adventist Forum—part of our team.

As William Shakespeare said, “Thanks, thanks, and again I say thanks.”

It was a good trip this year. The meetings themselves improved by giving more time for discussing ideas such as nurture and retention with feedback from the attendees sought at key points. Departmental reports were shortened and sharpened. Division reports, which are usually just videos of varying quality, were dropped.

There are good people doing creative things in the name of the church. I came home looking forward to the stories that we will get to write in the coming year. Please join us in that journey, too.

And if you wonder, what is the impact of Spectrum’s work? The halls of the GC were practically vibrating with the whispers surrounding our publication of George Knight's letter. Our up-to-the-minute coverage on Twitter received over half a million views, and we gained 300 new followers because of it. On Facebook, our coverage reached over 115,000 people, and over 53,000 of those individuals engaged with our posts in some way, either by liking, commenting, clicking, or sharing with their friends. We also gained over 300 new followers on Facebook. On our website, we received over 150,000 pageviews during Annual Council, from almost 40,000 users. 

So if you are thankful for the coverage that we have provided this year, please consider making a donation now by clicking here. Sending people to cover meetings like Annual Council is one of the most expensive things we do all year. And next up is the North American Division Year End meeting. Your help is needed in keeping independent Adventist journalism alive, in holding officials accountable when documents are developed in secret and then thrust on delegates at the last moment, in working for openness and transparency in our community life.

You play a vital role in sustaining our work through your support. Please give today. And again, I say thanks!

Cheerful best,

Bonnie Dwyer
Spectrum Editor



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