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Spectrum Smiles


We’re smiling. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, your Spectrum team is grateful for the actions of so many of you throughout the year.

Reading articles. Sending money. Writing articles. Creating art. Participating in podcasts or interviews or book discussions. Joining a local Forum chapter. Attending Adventist Forum events. Subscribing to the journal with a membership. Suggesting a topic to feature or author to consider. Commenting online.

Your involvement makes a difference.

Here are a few recent remarks that made us smile and should inspire us all to a deeper commitment to the Spectrum mission.

“Keep up the good work of encouraging freedom of thought. … Spectrum’s articles are the progressive prophetic voice that moves Adventism forward to be more relevant and successful in reaching our weary world and refreshing our dry souls.”

“I’ve always appreciated being a colleague-in-arms in fighting for a contemporary Adventism—one that fans the best of our tradition and mitigates that which is toxic and harmful. I see us poised to take a significant step forward.”

“Spectrum challenges me to continue to question and be ok to hold onto not knowing, to go without the need for immediate answers. Spectrum encourages me to trust God more. It is because of Spectrum that I continue to go to church, to allow God’s love and grace to change my understanding of God, and to extend that grace to my fellow travelers.”

“Words can change lives.” They do, every moment of every day. Thank you for providing a forum for the free exchange of diverse ideas. Monochromatic, monolithic, monomaniacal, monopolizing movements are, in the end, less monumental than monotonous.

“Grateful for local Adventist Forum chapter meetings where we can truly connect with each other and discuss really important things to each of us. Regular church services don’t allow for that kind of interaction.”

This is thanks to all of our supporters. Your honest spirits, thought leadership, and big hearts inspire us. We treasure the countless special relationships within the Spectrum community.

If you haven’t given yet, you can keep the smiles going with a pledge or gift to our Grow the Vision campaign. Together with you, our Spectrum community will thankfully change more minds and hearts and touch more lives. 


Title image: Spectrum leadership attending meetings this week for the Society of Adventist Philosophers, Adventist Society for Religious Studies, and American Academy of Religion. Left to right—Alexander Carpenter, editor elect, Bonnie Dwyer, editor, and Carmen Lau, board chair.


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