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Rethinking What It Means to Give


As 2017 comes to a close, we are writing to request your financial support. And to say thank you, because your previous donations have been so important to Spectrum’s increasing influence within Adventist decision-making circles.

We realize this request comes at an interesting time in the United States, with Congress having just passed major changes to the tax code while the Seventh-day Adventist Church launches a Sabbath School discussion of stewardship for the first quarter of 2018. Do you make charitable donations to get a tax deduction or because you believe in a cause? Perhaps both? Will that change in 2018?

Awareness of the importance of independent journalism within the Seventh-day Adventist Church has risen in recent years, and so have its supporters. We hope that doesn’t change, even though the tax code eliminates the ability for some to receive tax benefits from their gifts.

With your donations, you have made it possible for us to expand our onsite reporting, website and social media coverage, and investigative reports. You have made it possible for us to be a presence at major church events—and that has made the church aware of the need to be more open and transparent. The fact that major church business meetings are live-streamed has come about because of the coverage given to church meetings by the independent church press. You have made the voice of the laity heard within Adventism, because of your support of independent Adventist journalism. Thank you! You have been a blessing to our church community.

We hope that the Sabbath School reflections on Stewardship during the first quarter in 2018 will reinforce for you the importance of giving in the Christian life. And that you will continue to support Adventist independent journalism. Please keep that voice alive and thriving with a year-end gift to Spectrum now—whatever the tax consequences this year or next.

Give today by clicking here.

With gratitude,
Bonnie Dwyer, editor
Alisa Williams, website managing editor


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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