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Pacific Union Conference Affirms NAD Opposition to the GC’s Compliance Document


Editor’s Note: The Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee confirmed its continuing support of the North American Division in its opposition to the “Compliance Document” in a statement that was released on the afternoon of November 15, 2018. It also took an action affirming tithe parity, as discussed at the NAD Year-end meetings. Both items follow below in their entirety.

Statement in response to the NAD YEM Statement on the "Compliance Document"

The mission of the church is universal, while the ministry of the church is local. The Pacific Union Conference leadership and Executive Committee affirm and renew our devotion to the unique ministry that Christ has given us. We remain stalwart in support of our churches, schools, conferences, and all of our workers. We are resolved in our continued commitment to ordain women and men equally. 

We strongly affirm and adopt the action of the NAD Executive Committee of Nov. 6, 2018, regarding the General Conference’s action, “Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions.” We express our appreciation to the NAD leadership and delegates to the NAD Year-end meeting for their attentiveness and commitment to these issues.

We echo the North American Division leadership in stating that this newly devised and approved "compliance process" does not follow the biblical values proclaimed by the Protestant reformers and the founders of the Adventist Church.

The Pacific Union Conference will continue to support the implementation of General Conference Working Policy B 95, which sets forward our long-settled practice for the resolution of conflict, and we call on our conferences and institutions to act in accordance with this policy.

Voted by the Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee

November 15, 2018


Action taken on Tithe Parity

Voted, to recommend to the Union Committee that we communicate with the NAD officers that as changes in tithe towards parity is achieved, the tithe going back to the Division will be totally remitted to the conferences through the Union.

Voted by the Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee

November 15, 2018



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