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News Headlines: Adventist Health Specifies End-of-life Policies in Response to New CA Law (and More!)


Adventist Health Specifies End-of-Life Policies in Response to New CA Law. In California, an individual with a terminal illness will have the option to seek an aid-in-dying drug as part of the End-of-Life Option Act. Adventist Health facilities will not admit someone into the hospital for the purpose of physician aid-in-dying and will not help someone administer the drugs. Gail Witzlsteiner, hospital spokeswoman for Sonora Regional Medical Center, explained that her hospital has a policy which supports the rights of terminally ill patients to make private health-related decisions with doctors in its network. What a doctor does with his/her patient is their business as long as they follow all applicable laws and procedures. From The Union Democrat, "End of life options expanded."

Food Pantry Serves Children Who Suffer from Food Allergies. The ReNewed Health Food Pantry opened in the New Haven Adventist Church in Overland Park, Kansas about a year ago to help lower-income families whose children have food allergies deal with the costs of specialty foods they need to eat.  Emily Brown and a friend opened the pantry and started a nonprofit to help local residents. Clients must have a doctor's order saying the allergen-free foods are medically necessary and show their income is at or below 250 percent of the poverty level, Brown said.  The ReNewed Health Food Pantry, which opens once a week by appointment, has so far provided more than 12,000 pounds of allergen-free food free of charge to about 20 families. Brown believes it was the first such pantry in the U.S., but a similar one has since opened near Philadelphia. The national advocacy group Food Allergy Research and Education estimates that one child in every 13 in the U.S. has food allergies. From The Olympian, "Kansas food pantry helps low-income families with allergies."

Adventist Student in Belize Wins Spelling Bee. Jaheel Warrior from Bethel Seventh-day Adventist School in Toledo, Belize, took first place in the 22nd National Spelling Bee Competition, besting 12 students who made it to the final round.  "I went on the Internet and studied the origin and root words," said Warrior.  "I got help from my father, mother, school and sister. I feel very excited that my hard work paid off."  Ray Jacobs, Vice Principal, Bethel SDA, added, "I want to thank God.  It is the first time [a student from] a Seventh-day Adventist School has won the championship.” From 7 News Belize, "Belize's Best Speller."

Adventist Health System Has No Immediate Plans for Newly-purchased Orlando Property. On June 6, Adventist Health System purchased two parcels of land near Florida Hospital's Orlando campus. The .55 acres cost $4M and will allow Florida Hospital to expand its mixed-use Health Village, which includes retail and residential space, and room to add hotel rooms, conference space and a grocery store. Hospital spokesman Joseph Bacchus told the Orlando Business Journal that there is no immediate plan for the two new parcels. From Orlando Business Journal, "Adventist Health buys more property near Florida Hospital Orlando."


Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, California.

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