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New Chaplain at Washington Adventist University


For many years Chaplain Duawne Starling worked as a singer/songwriter traveling nationally and internationally, supporting many celebrated Gospel and Christian artists before establishing his own solo career. A native of Petersburg, Virginia, Duawne attended Shenandoah Valley Academy, Washington Adventist University, and Oakwood University. In 1994 he completed his BA in Recording Industry Management from Middle Tennessee State University, and worked as a singer in Nashville, Tennessee, for 11 years. With the desire to expand his ministry beyond just music, Chaplain Starling completed his MA in Religious Studies from Howard University School of Divinity in 2005. “Men often identify themselves by their occupation, and I admit that for a season I did as well. Now, I choose to identify myself by my character.”

God has also endowed Chaplain Starling with the gift of encouragement and the ability to listen, empathize, show compassion, and make suggestions all while being nonjudgmental. “I believe my purpose in life is to enlighten, encourage, and empower others to live a life that warrants duplication. One of the ways I do this is by being intentionally honest about my triumphs and my trials. This allows me to teach others and learn from others in the process. A great teacher must also be a great student who is ever learning and instructing.”

Duawne’s interests are varied and span an array of disciplines from theology, human behavior, and education, to creative arts, such as music, television, and theater. In keeping with his interests Chaplain Starling is an ordained Elder and mentor. He is in his 18th year of marriage to his beautiful wife, Carmen and they are the pleased parents of four children.

“For me, the consistent thread between my interests is definitely building both personal and community relationships that enhance one's quality of life. Ultimately, my life is God’s tool and I am completely open to whatever He desires to do with me. Whether it is building a foundation of holiness in my home, touching the hearts of God’s people with my music, walking with others through the most difficult seasons of their lives, or shaping the culture of Christianity as the Chaplain of Washington Adventist University, I am convinced that God will continue to use me to expand His Kingdom here on earth.”

This article originally appeared on the Washington Adventist University website. Photo courtesy of WAU website.


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