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Loma Linda University Introduces Online Cooking Show – News Shorts


Loma Linda University Introduces Online Cooking Show. Loma Linda University Health has introduced a new online cooking show, “Live It: In the Kitchen.” The series of 13 short episodes can be viewed on The show is intended to inspire healthy, wholesome home cooking and will demonstrate quick and easy meals. “People tend to turn to meals that are quick, and easy to prepare, but ultimately low in nutritional value,” said Chef Cory Gheen of Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions’ department of nutrition and dietetics. Each episode will have chef tips that relate to the recipe on the website, such as how to cut a bell pepper or onion, or how to deseed a pomegranate. The all-vegetarian recipes include dark chocolate pomegranate bark, no-bake energy bites, carrot soup, white bean chili and avocado fettuccine. The show and recipes will also be available in Spanish. From Redlands Daily Facts, “Online cooking show comes to Loma Linda University Health’s Facebook page.”

Northern Caribbean University President Envisions Education Improving Jamaican Society. Lincoln Edwards, President of Northern Caribbean University, believes he is well placed to help the university play a lead role in changing the pattern, breaking the cycle of crime, ignorance, and backwardness by finding ways to help thousands of young people gain tertiary training and education. He has been traveling Jamaica, urging communities to help in funding education for their young people at NCU, which has its main campus in Mandeville and smaller facilities in Kingston, Montego Bay, and St. Ann. Edwards’ recruitment drive is aimed at increasing student numbers at NCU by 3,000 later this year to over 6,000. In recent years, numbers at NCU have fallen from over 6,000 to 3,200 currently, largely as a result of economic downturn which, he argued, has affected many other universities and colleges in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean, and elsewhere. From Jamaica Observer, “NCU head wants to transform lives.”

African Pastor Fired After Sexual Assault Conviction. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has fired Brighton Ndebele, a pastor who indecently assaulted a prominent Bulawayo lawyer last year. He was convicted of indecently assaulting her in October 2016. Ndebele was sentenced to 12 months in jail and three months were suspended for three years on condition that he did not within that period commit a similar offense. The remaining nine months were further suspended on condition that he performs 315 hours of community service at Hillside Police Station. In February 2017, the church voted he should be relieved of his duties as pastor. From Bulawayo 24 News, “SDA pastor fired over indecent assault.”

Oregon Adventists Oppose Marijuana Store. Several teachers and parents of students at the Three Sisters Adventist Christian School in Bend, Oregon, attended a hearing in opposition to the first retail marijuana storefront in unincorporated Deschutes County. The business would be located just north of the school. Becky Colvin, a concerned parent, said, “I do not want to drive past that place every single day taking my… boys to school and back home again.” Others spoke out about a business that they claimed is antithetical to the school’s values. They were also concerned that the store’s tenants would be a threat to the school’s students. From The Bulletin, “Marijuana hearing draws heated opposition.”

Elder Care Addressed Through Adventist Online Resource. The Seventh-day Adventist denomination has decided to expand its elder care program with the addition of an online caregiving resource called CareOptions. Wynelle Stevens, assistant director of elder care, said, “CareOptions serves as a communication and caregiving resource that brings long-distance families closer together as they work with prevention, early detection, care planning tools, and information to address health care issues early, before they become unmanageable.” Coordinated by a division of the denomination, the Adventist Community Services (ACS), Elder Care Ministries helps to bridge that gap between family caregivers and their parents and grandparents who are often separated by many miles. Stevens stressed the need to focus on the elderly, saying, “While it is important for us to care for our immediate family, regardless of age, I believe we need to increase awareness among families to care for their own parents. First Timothy tells us to care for our parents and grandparents as a way to repay them and because it is pleasing to God. That’s an important part of our mission.” From Times Record, “Family Caregiving: Adventist church adds family health-care resource.”

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, California.

Image Credit: Screen capture from Live It: In the Kitchen  

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