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Loma Linda Health’s “Live It” Web Series Offers Keys to Health, Long Life


You know that Loma Linda, California is a Blue Zone, famous for its high concentration of centenarians. But what factors contribute to longevity, and how? A new video series produced by Loma Linda University Health’s Advancement Films digs into the research that links specific dietary and lifestyle patterns to long life.

The “Live It” web series explores habits that many Loma Linda Seventh-day Adventists share—a vegetarian diet high in legumes and nuts, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, and participation in a faith community (among other things), and explores related science.

The first video features Dr. Joan Sabaté, a professor at Loma Linda University’s School of Public Health and a researcher who has studied the effects of tree nut consumption on cholesterol levels and heart disease risk factors.

The series launch on New Year’s Day coincides with a time of year when many have made resolutions to live more healthfully. The “Live It” videos highlight data drawn from Sabaté’s research and from the Adventist Health Study and Adventist Health Study 2, which tracked 60 thousand and 96 thousand Seventh-day Adventists, respectively. Loma Linda University Health has led the discussion of links between vegetarianism and longevity.

See also Alita Byrd's interview with Sabaté: "Loma Linda Professor to Advise on USDA Nutrition Guidelines".

In a media release announcing the series, Cosmin Cosma, director of Loma Linda University Health’s Advancement Films said, “No other online health show focuses on longevity. Simply put, Loma Linda University Health is a leading organization on wellness and prevention.”

Upcoming installments in the “Live It” series:

January 8: Reusable shopping bags – great for the environment, but they carry bacteria in addition to groceries. Find out what to do to reduce bacteria with host Dr. Ryan Sinclair.

January 15: Can consuming pomegranate juice reduce alzheimer’s risk factors? Dr. Rich Hartman discusses the ways pomegranates reduce proteins linked with the disease.

January 22: Dr. Ernie Medina explores the necessity of standing and moving, including the mitigating risk factors for chronic diseases.

January 29: Laughter has proven to be a great medicine. Dr. Gurinder Bains discusses the health-promoting benefits in laughing, including for memory.

February 5: Avocados and Almonds can help with weight loss, as Dr. Ella Haddad reveals.

February 12: Dr. Synnove Knutsen offers the evidence linking water drinking with reduced risk of heart disease.

February 19: A Mediterranean diet, including plenty of healthy fats like olive oil, reduces bad cholesterol, and combats risk factors for heart disease. Dr. Ella Haddad leads this discussion.

February 26: Dr. Jerry Lee looks at the ways that participation in a faith community contributes to physical and mental wellbeing.

March 4: This video featuring Dr. Michael Orlich focuses on the links between a vegetarian diet and the reduction of chronic diseases.

March 11: How do green vegetables, brown rice, legumes, and dried fruit lead to reduced risk of colon cancer? Dr. Yessenia Tantamango explains.

March 18: Aerobic exercise lessens risk for type 2 diabetes and chronic diseases. Dr. David Hessinger explores the how and why.

March 25: Eating beans can make hip fractures less likely? Dr. Synnove Knutsen says yes!

April 1: Dr. L. Longo provides data on maternal nutrition with an eye on having healthier children.

Watch the first installment in the “Live It” series, focusing on nuts, with Joan Sabaté.

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