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JustLove Collective Launches Pulse Digital Magazine

Pulse Digital Magazine

The JustLove Collective announced in a media release a new monthly digital magazine. The release follows in its entirety.

April 12, 2024

JustLove Collective, the new inclusive movement of Adventists, has launched Pulse, a free monthly digital magazine. Aiming at the core of Jesus’ command to care for life’s marginalized—“the least of these”—JustLove is a blend of justice and love.

Pulse features challenging articles, humor, inspiring quotes, poetry, quizzes, reviews, and links to interactive videos and podcasts. The magazine’s tagline is “A Collaboration of Adventist Activists.” With topics both timely and timeless, the tone is more advocacy than accusation.

Dilys Brooks, JustLove organizer, says, “We want to create spaces of belonging. One of our mottos is ‘Uniting hearts, inspiring action.’ Pulse helps us to accomplish both aims, in the here and now.”

Pulse’s April articles include “(Still) Learning to Do Good,” “Freedom Monument Park,” “Communicating Clear-Eyed Hope,” a film review of Dolores, “What Can We Do?” (to help people in Gaza), and “Questions We Must Ask.” A sampling of Pulse authors finds Kendra Haloviak Valentine, Tara Westover, Nathan Brown, Rachel Held Evans, Stephen Chavez, Moe Stiles, and Kristin Kobes Du Mez.

“We’re about defiant optimism and hope,” observes Pulse editor Chris Blake. “Too many people are leaving Adventism because we are not acting justly. JustLove Collective follows Jesus in joyfully setting people free, including ourselves. Action creates hope.” 

JustLove Collective is also sponsoring its inaugural Summit on May 3-4 at Zapara School of Business at La Sierra University in Riverside, California. The Summit will be both in-person and virtual. Summit workshops include “Creating and Fostering Cultures of Inclusion,” “Connecting with Local Community Resources,” “Environmental Care and Activism,” and “Creating Antiracist Coalitions.”
To view or subscribe to Pulse or to register for the Summit, see the JustLove Collective website at

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