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Gratitude in the New Year


It was just about 5 o’clock on Tuesday when the phone rang. A reader in South Dakota was calling with his annual donation, and of course, to share stories. I heard about his trip to Alaska in his motorhome and the rocky road conditions in the Yukon. In my e-mail box, messages keep popping up through the day notifying us when an online donation was made. Tuesday was a very good day with over $15,000 in gifts large and small. 

From new donors and old friends, contributions have come in during this final week of the year to fund the independent news operation that is Spectrum.  We have heard from supporters in Georgia, Michigan, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. We have a very generous community for which we are most grateful.

On New Year's Eve, there was a call from North Carolina. A long-time Spectrum supporter  who recently moved south is missing the vigorous discussions where he previously lived. So, he is giving Spectrum memberships to 15 new friends. That is his way of starting an ongoing conversation.

Another message from a friend in New England particularly touched my heart. He wrote, “The Spectrum community has been my beacon of hope.  It's the light that has enabled me to stay in the church.”

Thanks to him, thanks to you for reading, commenting, and contributing. You have blessed us with your presence, your participation. This is truly the beautiful community.

Bonnie Dwyer is Editor of Spectrum Magazine.




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