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Global Adventist Conversations: What Does Change Look Like?


During the recent General Conference Session, the globally dispersed Seventh-day Adventist Church assembled over 2,000 of its top administrative leaders in one place. As delegates, these folks gathered to represent the rest of us laity and pastors. But do they? Do they really understand the local needs of our diverse global community? 

In order to get a better understanding of the local, Spectrum is hosting online conversations with very interesting Adventists from around the world. In this episode, Adventists from Peru, Borneo, and Zimbabwe gather to share about their local context and what they would change about the global church.

Conversation Partners for Episode 3:

Erika Guetti Suca (PhD[c] Computer Science—Peru)

Victor Lee (Agroecological Epigenetics—Borneo)

Admiral Ncube (PhD, Humanitarian—Zimbabwe)


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