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Does Spectrum Make a Difference?


Something astonishing just happened.

Every week the Spectrum team shares a variety of news, analysis, opinion, and interviews on the website and social media platforms. Four times a year, the journal is lovingly sent to donors full of in-depth articles, art, and poetry.

We get feedback via comments, emails, and calls, but we don’t always know the impact of a Spectrum story. Right now, who is reading and thinking, uncomfortable or inspired? Has a mind changed, even a little? Thousands are perusing Spectrum content at any moment. What will happen as a result?

Incredibly, the curtains recently opened a bit.

Someone read our recent articles about Newbold College’s dramatic reorientation of its focus in an attempt to survive by “shrinking for future growth.” The reader decided to do something to help. They sent one of our board members a check for $100,000 with instructions to send it on to Newbold College for student scholarships. Words can change lives. Each day we’re grateful for everyone who reads Spectrum and acts generously to better our world.

Let’s keep it going. You can expand our community conversations with a gift to our Grow the Vision campaign. Click here and quickly pledge to help Spectrum continue changing minds and lives today. 


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