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Asheville Forum Event—Jon Paulien


The Asheville Adventist Forum’s December online event features Jon Paulien, Ph.D., Professor of Religion and former Dean of the School of Religion at Loma Linda University, presenting Jesus, Judaism, and the Trinity.

Join us online on Saturday, December 11 at 3 p.m. to explore the evidence for the claim that Jesus is, in fact, truly God as well as truly human.

One of the great questions of human history is: Who is Jesus and why does it matter? If Jesus was merely a man among many, He might be a great prophet, a spiritual leader, a highly influential figure, but we could follow Him or ignore Him as we see fit. But if He is, in fact, God in human flesh, then the choice we make regarding Him is the most important choice we will ever make.

We will try to understand how thrilling and yet challenging Jesus’ claim was for Jews of His day. In so doing, we will explore the origins of the seemingly crazy claim that God is both three and one at the same time. This too will turn out to be more important than we might have imagined.


IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a Zoom meeting. If you would like to attend, email before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 10, to receive Zoom login info.


Jon Paulien is Professor of Religion and former Dean of the School of Religion at Loma Linda University. He is the author of more than thirty books and more than two hundred articles (Adventist Review, Ministry, Journal of Biblical Literature, Biblical Research, Andrews University Seminary Studies, among others), scholarly papers (Society of Biblical Literature, Chicago Society for Biblical Research, and others) and other publications.

Jon is a specialist in the study of the Johannine literature in the New Testament (Gospel of John and Book of Revelation) and the intersection of faith with contemporary culture. He also takes special delight in seminars and presentations to non-specialists who can make practical use of the material in the real world. When not at work, Jon enjoys being with his wife Pamella, their three children (and two spouses), and their two grandchildren. He also enjoys travel, golf and photography when time permits.


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