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Asheville Adventist Forum Event—Dr. Larry Herr


The Asheville Adventist Forum’s November online event features Dr. Larry Herr, archeologist and scholar of the Old Testament. Dr. Herr’s presentation: The Archaeology of Biblical Temples, Their Furnishings, and Rituals looks at the development of ancient temples in the Holy Land from 3500 BC to the end of the Old Testament period.

He suggests that Seventh-day Adventists should think about ways in which archaeology necessitates a revision of some of our views on the Sanctuary Doctrine. Have you always wondered what the Ark of the Covenant and the Candlesticks looked like in the Temple? Herr thinks that we now have a good idea.

Join us online on Saturday, November 20 at 3 p.m. (Eastern Time) for this and other fascinating and challenging material.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a Zoom meeting. If you would like to attend, email before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 19, to receive Zoom login info.

Dr. Larry Herr is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Burman University, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. (Formerly known as Canadian Union College.) He received his BA from Andrews University, and his PhD from Harvard University. His dissertation concerned the writing styles on seals from the small nations around Israel during the Iron II Age (9th-5th c. BC).

Dr. Herr has published 25 books (authored and edited), 181 professional articles (peer reviewed), and 50 popular articles. He has been part of 30 archeological excavations, mostly in Jordan, but a few also in Israel, and one in Tunisia (Carthage). His specialty is in the development of writing and pottery through time and space and also the comparative stratigraphy of excavations in Jordan. 


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