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Announcing Spectrum’s Grow the Vision Campaign


Next Generation Adventism

A new day is coming. Strike that. A new day is here. Next Generation Adventism has arrived on Instagram, in podcasts, via Twitter, on TikTok, in Zoom break out rooms, and on YouTube. Next Generation Adventism lives and worships online. Next Generation Adventism requires that we Grow the Vision of Adventism and our part in it.

At Spectrum, we are meeting this moment with new leadership, new ideas, and new media. We are growing the ways that Spectrum provides news, discusses issues, and brings people together for conversation.

And we have exciting news of how you can play a role in Growing the Vision. First, we’d like to invite you to become part of the Spectrum/Adventist Forum community, if you are not already a member. Your participation immediately strengthens the community and helps it grow.

Second, we’ve been handed a magical opportunity that requires new people to be involved. The board of directors has committed to matching contributions from those who have never made a gift to Adventist Forum (beyond a subscription membership fee) or those who have not contributed since 2018.

Gifts will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to a cumulative $100,000. Simple math but amazing outcomes: a $10 gift becomes $20; $100 becomes $200; $1000 becomes $2000. Commitments for this challenge must be made by December 31, 2021, but donors have up to three years to submit their gifts.

This challenge opportunity is helping us launch a $1 million Grow the Vision fundraising campaign to provide the financial and human resources required to transform our ambitions into accomplishments. 

This is the perfect time to Grow the Vision of Spectrum. Bonnie Dwyer will be closing her pioneering epoch as Editor/Executive Director at the end of 2021. Alexander Carpenter will assume full responsibilities as the Executive Editor. Adventist Forum Board Chair Carmen Lau has led the organization through the development of a new Strategic Plan with bold initiatives.

“We need you,” Alexander says, “to help us create a lasting organizational infrastructure—in journalism, scholarship, online media, chapters—that continues the intellectual impact and community building for future generations.”

With your support, our vision of Adventism expands, grows, and becomes the beautiful community that we all long for.

Click here to support Grow the Vision


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