Rob Vandeman, Former Chesapeake President, Passes Away

Rob Vandeman, Former Chesapeake President, Passes Away

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April 23, 2021

Rob Vandeman, the recently retired executive secretary of the Columbia Union and former president of Chesapeake Conference, passed away this morning surrounded by his wife, Judy, and their family, at his home in Clarksville, Md. after a yearlong battle with cancer. 

“Today, the Columbia Union and Chesapeake Conference has lost a gifted administrator, beloved church pastor, and very dear friend,” says Jerry Lutz, president of Chesapeake Conference. 

Vandeman, a dedicated pastor and administrator, served the Seventh-day Adventist Church for almost 50 years, including 27 years in Chesapeake Conference. Vandeman began his career in Chesapeake as the senior pastor of the Spencerville (Silver Spring, Md.) church, where he pastored for 12 years. Vandeman was elected executive secretary and ministerial director for Chesapeake Conference in 1995 and later as Chesapeake president in 2005. For the last 11 years, Vandeman has served as the Columbia Union executive secretary prior to his retirement last year. 

“Though we are deeply saddened by this profound loss, and will miss him greatly, we take courage from knowing that he has fallen asleep in Jesus with the assurance and hope of the resurrection in his heart,” says Lutz. “May God provide peace and comfort to Elder Vandeman’s dear wife, Judy, and to their wonderful children and grandchildren. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”


This press release was originally published on the Chesapeake Conference website. Photo courtesy of the conference. Photo courtesy of the conference.


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