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Volume 47, Issue 1, Spring 2019

Volume 47 Issue 1 Spring February 22, 2019

2 Now and Then | BY BONNIE DWYER
2 On Rejecting the Spirit of Prophecy | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
4 The Coddling of the Adventist Mind | BY CARMEN LAU

Bible: Revelation
6 Books to Read on the Book of Revelation | BY KENDRA HALOVIAK VALENTINE
7 The Apocalypse as Liturgy | BY CHARLES TEEL, JR.
22 Timeout: Revelation and the Crisis of Historicism | BY SIGVE K.TONSTAD

Ellen G. White
27 Ellen White’s Afterlife | BY GEORGE R. KNIGHT
54 Response to George R. Knight’s “Ellen White’s Afterlife” | BY JONATHAN BUTLER
60 The Bible Conference of 1919 | REPRINT FROM SPECTRUM VOLUME 10, ISSUE 1
64 The Use of the Spirit of Prophecy in our Teaching of Bible and History
81 Inspiration of the Spirit of Prophecy as Related to the Inspiration of the Bible

95 enditnow: Adventists Say No to Violence (A History) | BY ALEX AAMODT

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