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Vol. 37, no. 1, winter 2008

Life Begins at Forty: Telling Our Stories in the Conceptual Age
By Bonnie Dwyer
Women and Men in Ministry: A Family Story?
By Charles Scriven
Reynolds, Dobra; and a Correction
Spectrum Blog
American Dreams Come True: From King’s Dream to Obama’s Hope and A Family Attends the Obama Inauguration
By Aubyn Fulton
My Inaugural Experience
By Nicole Frazier
The Bible
The Prophet Amos on Gaza
By Douglas R. Clark
Ordination of Women
Top Ten Ways for the General Conference to Fix the Problem of Women’s Ordination
Why Women Shouldn’t Be Ordained
By Loren Seibold
Women’s Ordination: The Flaw in the Debate
By Eddy Johnson
This Adventist Life
Love Apples
By Winona Wendeth
Losing Luke, Finding Me: The Value of Accepting Grace
By Shasta Nelson
Growing Up Adventist in Argentina
By Herold Weiss
The Knotted Cord of Faith
By Gary Gilbert
The Spectrum Story in Art and Poetry
In the Hollow of His Hand: An Art Portfolio
By Dirk Koopmans
The Silent Word
By James J. Londis
Three Books on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design
Reviewed by David Pendleton
William Miller Revisited
By Leigh Johnsen
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