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Vol. 37, issue 2, spring 2009


How Do We Know What We Know?

By Bonnie Dwyer

Sweet! A Story of Hope

By Charles Scriven



Haerich, Peterson, Trim, Jacobsen


Oakwood University President’s Lucrative Hobby

An Interview with Delbert Baker, by Alita Byrd

Spectrum Blog

Ministry of Healing, v.3.0: Why Adventists Should Fight for Universal Health Care

By Ryan Bell

The Bible

How Then Shall We Pray?

By Gottfried Oosterwal

Ellen White Redux

Prophets and Trust: A Reply to the Biblical Research Institute

By David R. Larson

Ellen White’s Writings as Religious Classics: A New Approach to an Old Problem

By Richard Rice

Searching for Ellen White

Nancy Lecourt Interviews Fred Hoyt

Adventist Higher Education

The Changing Landscape of Adventist Higher Education in North America

By Alita Byrd

Commentary: An Adventist Student Goes Home

By Jonathan Pichot

Confronting Church Structure Challenges

By Alita Byrd

Two Out of Three: Adventists on Non-Adventist College Campuses

Leigh Johnsen Interviews Ron Pickell, Coordinator of Adventist Christian Fellowship

Commentary: Emerging Faith: A Journey in De/Construction

By Trisha Famisaran

Commentary: By the Waters of Babylon?

By Samuel Sukaton

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